This Texas Artist continues to raise the bar in the performing arts community with her exotic look and unparalleled style. Her trademark style, a neo-fusion of Latin rhythms, draws from her mastery of more than 7 distinct global methods and techniques. In Dallas, she carves out her place in history as a both a powerful performer and balanced instructor.

Sandy’s performing career has led her across the country and back, appearing in venues such as China Club (New York), House of Blues (Hollywood), Rain Club (Las Vegas), and many more. She has been featured in several national tours, including Tuaca’s: Body Art Ball, Bud Light Invasion, X-Vodka Femme Fatales, and Farouk Systems USA. She has also performed at different salsa congresses, including, NYISC, TSC, DSC, DBF, SSC, HSC, UDF. The TV screen has also seen the magic of her movements on The Cristina Show, Telemundo, WFAA8, and Univision. With over 20 years of performing excellence, Sandy’s career also extends to the stage of platinum recording artists Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente Jr., Frankie J, Jay Perez and Baby Bash. Performing, however, is but one component of the Sandy De Lara dynamic.

Teaching dance is her life’s joy for over 18 years. As an instructor, Sandy commands the attention of her students with her unique flare, combinations, and commitment to each student’s excellence.

Presently she is the founder of De Lara Dance Academy (with students of all ages and skill levels) & S’tilo Ardiente ladies team. Her mastery and precision within the classroom challenges students’ technical growth, drawing out their natural born talent. 


 ❤❤   Sandy   ❤❤